Many satisfied customers have been through the doors of DBW Productions Recording Studio. We've recorded everything from Heavy Metal to Heavy Meditaion and have worked with 100's of musicians both locally and abroad. Keep us in mind for your next project and hopefully we'll see you here soon!

Janina from Germany
Amaya Rose Dempsy
Fender Blues Deville and C30
Cameron Stone
Freddy Fox and Charles Meeks
Charlie Bisharat
Charlie Brown
Chris Blake
Dave Chamberlin and Guitars
Dave at the piano
J. David Newquist
Donna Deussen
Gloria Sklerov and Dave
Ira Nepus
Jim Bergman
Jon Witenberg
Laura Ellis
Linzi Grahm
Got Mics?
MIke McClellan
El Patchbay
Boutique pedals
“The Rack”
Robert, Jenna and Janina
Scott Cunningman
Tattoo You