DBW Productions is proud to present song samples that feature actual songwriters "BEFORE and AFTER" DBW produced them. First you'll hear the respective client's version immediately followed by the DBW's version. All the production on the after version has been done by David Chamberlin and DBW Productions. After listening, I'm sure you'll realize just how effective DBW can be.

*Please listen to the whole file in order to hear our version!*

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End of the Ride

Written and by Vince Raceanu and David. Vince- lead vocals, David-music


Written by Chris Blake. Chis-vocals and acoustic guitar, David-music

Love Could Be Real

Written by Lawrence Zaidman. David-vocals, music | Steven Chamberlin-drums

Catalina Calling

Written by Ron Zimmerman. David-Music, vocals | Windy Wagner-backing vocals

How Long Is Forever

Written by Jim Stamper. David-Music | Fadelia Rowe-Vocals

Do You Mind If I Smoke

Written by Pete Bergquist .David-music | Steven Chamberlin-drums | Randy Crenshaw-vocals | Keith Malone-pedal steel

Moving On

Written by Jaime Romano. Jaime-lead and backing vocals | David Chamberlin-music

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